Pop-Tarts Rewards Program…

Can you believe that there is a Pop-Tarts Rewards Program?  Where were these programs when my son was a little guy?  But he still eats Pop-Tarts!  LOL

Go HERE to sign up for the Pop-Tarts Rewards.

It’s easy to earn funtastic rewards while discovering the over 25 delicious flavors from Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries in the Pop-Tarts™ Rewards Program. The more fun flavors you discover, the more codes you collect, and the more rewards you can get!

ENTER the unique 16-digit code printed on the inside panel into your Pop-Tarts™ Rewards account – you are allowed only one code entry per Pop-Tarts™ flavor. Last day to enter codes 09/29/2011.

REDEEM 5 different Flavor Codes for 1 of 5 Pop-Tarts™ Rewards. Last day to redeem codes 09/30/2011. Limit 5 Pop-Tarts™ Rewards per person.