Pretty Privilege is a Thing

Now, that I’m a woman of leisure, I have the time to do my hair and make up like I have gone to a professional stylist, I am even going to the salon to have my nails done.

What I have noticed is that people are practically going out of their way to help me especially when I am couponing.  When I went to Walmart last Friday to return three of the dry sprays (I was able to redeem the Degree women dry spray), I had hair and make up on point and without any questions nor identification, the middle-aged lady cashier fully refunded my money even though I have used coupons and a gift card.

This is pretty privilege when you get opportunities automatically without a fuss.

Pretty privilege does not mean that you are naturally beautiful, it means that you take the time to pull yourself together and in turn you exude a higher confidence to others which gives you better opportunities.  It’s a domino affect.

Can you get opportunities with little to no make up, messy hair while wearing an oversize tee shirt and jeans?  Of course, you can.  However, the woman that is nicely made up will always get the better opportunities.

We all have that one friend or someone we know that is always well put together and she always seems to get what she wants.

What I am saying is before you go out in these streets to do your couponing, fix yourself up and see if you get better service from the cashiers and managers!