Proctor & Gamble Brand Sampler…

Today, I received a sampler of Proctor & Gamble brands. I had great expectations of good coupons in this sampler pack. But I was a bit disappointed b/c Proctor & Gamble only provided one itty-bitty coupon for $.50 on any Charmine Freshmates (adult flushable wipes)! I know that the Freshmates probably run about $3.99 or so…so it’s gotta be an awfully good sale for me to buy Freshmates even with the $.50 coupon.

However, the Charmin Freshmates, will go perfectly in desk at work and it’s FREE so it’s all good.

I also received a Head & Shoulders shampoo/conditioner sample and 2 packets of Prilosec.

I really do love receiving FREE stuff!