Proctor & Gamble Brand Saver….

I was poking around on the Proctor & Gamble website and I stumbled across their announcement (picture of coupon booklet above) that there would be a Proctor & Gamble Brand Saver coupon booklet coming out this Sunday, August 2nd, with $96 worth coupons!!!!!!!!!!!

The announcement says the following:

What Is P&GbrandSAVER?

Smarter Savings, Better Brands

P&GbrandSAVER is a coupon book in most local Sunday newspapers that provides valuable savings on P&G products in one convenient place.

Click here to find out if your local newspaper will carry the P&GbrandSAVER coupon book.

It will be in the San Diego Union-Tribune! You had better buy about 4 newspapers this Sunday.LOL.