Pic from Cosmetics Santuary

The trend for this Spring and Summer are gonna be bright, vibrant color in fashion and cosmetics.

The color orange is going to be a hot color in the upcoming warmer weather and I have been itching to find a nice orangy nail color.

One of the cashier’s that was doing my check out at Rite Aid was wearing a beautiful nail polish and of course I had to ask what was she wearing.  She walked me right over to the L’Oreal display and pointed to the L’Oreal Precious Coral 164.  I didn’t have time to buy it that day but a few days later I went and I got it.

I love this nail color b/c it’s not a bright neon but it’s more like a burnt orange with a touch of dark pink.

I used a Sally Hansen Basecoat and applied two coats of the L’Oreal Precious Coral and it looks wonderful.

I believe any skin tone can wear this nail color and be ready for the summer!