Product Review: My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

I definitely would not call myself a foodie but I do like trying new foods at the grocery store.  For example, I don’t eat calamari or sushi.

However,  at  my nearest Vons and Ralphs, they have these stand alone ice boxes that is filled with mochi ice cream but it’s pricey but I’ve been chomping at the bit wanting to try out the mochi ice cream. So, on Tuesday when we were able to get the Money Maker My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, of course, I ran to store to pick up the mochi.

According to Wikipedia, Mochi ice cream is a confection made from Japanese mochi (pounded sticky rice) with an ice cream filling.

I was super excited to taste the My/Mo Mochi ice cream because it’d be my first time trying mochi.  Once I got home, I quickly opened the box (before taking the picture).  I was kind of shocked when I opened the box because I wasn’t expecting what I saw even though I’ve seen the mochi in the ice box and on the product box.

I wasn’t expecting the fluffy consistency when I picked up.  I took a bite.

Ring, ring, ring.  Ring, ring, ring. My youngest brother calls me.

I put the mochi down but the ice cream is super soft so it starts to almost immediately. The ice cream is soft as if it’s homemade ice cream.

Mr. Man nor I are big fans of the mochi ice cream (Kevin hasn’t been here to try the ice cream).  I don’t like the texture and it taste too sweet.  I am not a fan of marshmallows and the mochi reminds of marshmallows with ice cream inside of it.

I am so grateful that I got to taste the mochi for free without spending my money.  The My/Mo Mochi ice cream is a pass for me, although, I think kids would love this ice cream treat!



  • Mel October 11, 2019, 06:23

    I love Mochi! But my boyfriend does not, so I get you!

    • Ms. B. October 11, 2019, 07:53

      It’s a great idea and I’m sure a lot of people love them. 🙂