1I have super curly, coarse hair which means it tends to be dry.  Last year, after wearing it super short for a couple of years, I decided to let my hair grow out and now my hair is down to the middle of my back (when straightened).

Every time, we put a flat iron or curling iron  to our hair, it causes damage to our hair.  Sooooo, a couple of weeks ago, I decided so try ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor and I, ummmm, left it on longer then the recommended 5 minutes max that was recommended on the bottle.

That stuff made my hair feel like straw!  So, after a week, I decided to try a moisturizing conditioner.  I went through my stash and I came upon the Nexxus that I had been buying at CVS.

I actually put the Nexxus Humectress Utimate Moisture Condition in my hair while it was dry b/c I plan to leave in my hair for an hour with a bag on my head so that the conditioner could thoroughly penetrate my hair shaft.

As soon as, I put the Nexxus conditioner in my hair,  it gave my hair LIFE.

It didn’t make my hair tangle and my hair came out wonderful!

If you are looking for a new hair care product to try out…why not try Nexxus, the next time they have a deal for it at one of the drugstore.