I think first thing in the mornings, we are all trying to get out the door without much fuss or must.  We, as women lead hectic lives and we do not want to go through a huge make up regiment just to get out the door!

BB or Beauty Balm Creams are so suppose to infuse moisture, refine the skin’s surface, provide protection from the environment and add a light make up coverage. The BB Cream is suppose help eliminate steps in your daily facial routine.

1The problem with most BB Creams is the color – they are either too light or too dark. The Physicians Formula Super BB Cream only comes in two shades of Light/Medium or Medium/Deep.

Surprisingly, the Physicians Formula Super BB Cream in the Medium/Deep worked for my coloring but it took allot of blending with a Face Brush. It might have been faster with a Beauty Blender sponge which I do not have. BB Cream is smooth and it made my face super soft.

The problem that I see that Physicians Formula will have is not enough color options so I wouldn’t quite recommend this product until they expand their colors.

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  • DMC January 22, 2013, 12:19

    I personaly hate any face lotion or make up that has sunscreen in it. I don’t want to use sunscreen and wish they would stop forcing it into products. I hate the way it smells and it makes my skin break out. I know many women like suncreen in their products, but I simply do not need it, as I am rarely out in the sun for much to even need it.