Product Review: Visine Soothing Eye Wipes

1I have bad allergies.  My allergies are not seasonal allergies that most people get during the Fall and Spring each year, I have year around allergy symptoms.  As a result, I have super sensitive eyes and I can’t use any old eye make up remover.

I saw a review of the Visine Soothing Eye Wipes and I was intrigued because the reviewer had sensitive eyes and she raved about the wipes.

A couple of weeks ago, CVS had a deal where you buy any Visine Eye Drops get the Visine Wipes for FREE which was a perfect opportunity for me to try this product out.  The Visine Wipes normally cost around $7.99 which may sound kind of expensive but if you think about it most Eye Make up Removers cost much more than that price!

The Visine Soothing Eye Wipes are perfect for me.  There are 30 pre-moistened pads in a jar that are not heavily saturated with product, there is just enough of the solution to remove any eye make up that you have on.  The pads are soft not scratchy and there is not scent that I could detect.  The pads also did not have an oily residue nor did the pads sting my eyes…not even a little bit.

I highly recommend the Visine Soothing Eye Wipes and they will be my go-to eye make up remover!