Queen of the Gift Cards

The television stand in our bedroom has four nice size drawers along with a long jewelry drawer.  The jewelry drawer is lined with some sort of material that keeps silver jewelry from tarnishing.  The matching night stands are the same with deep drawers and a jewelry drawer. Anyways, it’s where I keep my gift cards and jewelry.

Some of the gift cards had some how slid way in the back of the drawers and last weekend, when I decided to do the Rohto deal, I knew I had some CVS gift cards and that’s when I realized the cards were way in the back.  I checked online to see how much was still available on the CVS gift card and OMGoodness, I had a $10 CVS Cash Card from 2015…yikes!  Plus, I had a couple of other gift cards in which I had returned merchandise.

It was the same story with my Bath & Body Works gift cards.

I also ended up going to my credit card rewards and requesting a $100 TJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGood gift card and it took just about a week for the card to arrive. I use FREE or discounted gift cards to save money for things that may not going on sale that often or to enhance my savings.

Gift Cards also helps you to plan purchases in advance.  For example, I know that I want a new butcher block knives set so on another credit card rewards program, I ordered a Macy’s gift card.  The butcher block set is not something that I need right away so I can plan and be on the look out for a good sale.