Quick Trip to Vons

I stopped by the Vons off of Adams Ave to see if they had the Starbucks Refreshers b/c almost every Couponer in San Diego has been depleating the shelves of this freebie.

Vons had 3 on the shelves and I grabbed two.  I also wanted to see if the the Lean Cuisine was Just4U price was still in affect since it said “unlimited”.

Here are my gets at Vons (Safeway):

Bought 2 Starbucks Refreshers $5.08 (incl CRV)
Bought 2 Lean Cuisines $4.98

Total = $10.06

Used -$2.39 J4U FREE Starbucks Refreshers
Used (2) -$.89 J4U Starbucks Refreshers
Used (2) -$.82 J4U Lean Cuisine

Total after J4U eCoupons used = $4.25

Notes: The J4U eCoupons that I had loaded a few days ago still seem to be in effect. I actually got overage from buying the Starbucks Refreshers b/c I bought an orange and a strawberry ones and not only did it take off the -$2.39 but it also took off -$.89 for the orange and -$.89 for the strawberry, too.

The Starbucks Refresher in strawberry was pretty tasty. I am liking this JUST4YOU program! 🙂