Yesterday, I picked up my FREE Greek yogurt in the Dairy aisle at Ralphs and as I was about to walk towards the registers, I spotted inside the floor refrigerators a bunch of $0.50 off Chobani yogurt peelies (Exp. 12/31/19).

The wording on the peelie was a bit hard to see so I used my QSeer Coupon Reader app and it appears that the coupon is coded to be valid on any Chobani yogurt in a tub…and  I think all yogurts are in some type of tub (or container).

Don’t hurt the messenger, I am just reporting what I find.


  • Tammy September 11, 2019, 22:08

    I picked one up today and used the peelie to lower my OOP on other items.

    On another card I picked up 10 chobani which are on sale with DQ at 10/$8 and one is free and you can used 10 $0.50 peelies works out like this:
    10 chobani $10
    – $1 (Friday Freebie)
    -$2 DQ
    – $5 (10 x $0.50 peelies)
    = 10 yogurts for $2

  • Ms. B. September 12, 2019, 06:32

    Tammy, nice haul! 🙂