I wish I knew how to make strawberry jam or knew how to do canning.  Anyways, Ralphs has the California Driscolls Strawberries 2 lb on sale for $1.99!!!  The strawberries that I got are huge.

Don’t forget activate the $0.25 any Brand Strawberries Ibotta bonus to bring down the price of the strawberries!


  • Natalie May 16, 2020, 12:02

    Roz, about two weeks ago I bought 48 pack for .25 cents each pound and made into jam without pectins. So only sugar and strawberries ( also I put some apples also to make it thicker). It’s not hard to make it , my friend taught me to do it. You need to buy mason jars or used one ( make sure its not chips on the mouth) and put upside down when the jars really hot or do water bath. I bought the mason jars from Target . You can watch youtube or read online or join canning group on Facebook, they’re really helpful ask them a lot of questions and somebody will help you. I starting canning/ dehydrated fruits/veggies last month. I just joined the group last month also, and want to learn pressure canner. It’s good to have food on hand especially during uncertainty like right now.

    • Ms. B. May 16, 2020, 12:59

      Natalie, thank you so much!!! I’m going to start watching some YouTube videos today. I remembered my dad loved strawberry jam. I still kinda remember from when I was a little one living in Florida watching the old people preserve foods in rural Florida. You are so right about learning how to can fruits and vegetables and we don’t know how things are going to play out or long it will before if ever they find a vaccine for the COVID19.

      • natalie May 16, 2020, 18:41

        You’re welcome Roz. Thank you so much too for all your hard work to help us. I’ve been following for about one month the survival group FB and canning/ dehydrated group. It’s very interesting and they’re very helpful/ knowledgeable. We better prepare for the stuff that we need while we still can get / buy them and still available right now. We need to pray a lot , read our Bible and be close to Jesus too in this uncertainty situation.

        • Ms. B. May 16, 2020, 19:50

          Years ago, I used to follow a prepper guy who was also an extreme couponer on YouTube and he and his family saved rain water and did all kinds of neat stuff to live off the land but he lost his job and stopped making Youtube videos.

          • Natalie May 16, 2020, 20:22

            People are on the survival mode right now and prepare while they still can. They’re afraid will be another Great Depression. Yes, a lot things that I never know or heard before because I live in the big city most of my life. They’re really smart, frugal and have a lot of wisdom. Roz, How was California situation?

          • Ms. B. May 16, 2020, 21:24

            Natalie, the economy is in dire straights and it’s mostly bc capitalism is unsustainable bc you are taking from the middle class to feed the mega rich and the CoronaVirus revealed how bad our economies have become.

            People that protesting about not being able to go to the beaches, get hair cuts or nails done or going to a restaurant or bars are delusional bc how long do they think they can continue to not work during a pandemic and not receive financial assistance. They should be in Washington DC protesting there and saying we need a check. Washington keeps passing these Trillion Dollar bills but most of the money is going to the reach but we got idiots protesting about not getting a hair cut.

            Let me get off my soapbox. Enjoy your evening! 🙂