Ralphs Fresh Fare: New Ad, New Look & Feel

I finally got a chance to look at the new Ralphs ad and it has completely changed.  Around this time, last year, the Ralphs that I visit most often decided to begin a complete store renovation and half the parking lot was closed down because of the huge dumpsters, contractor tracks and equipment, it was a holy mess especially around Christmas.  They’ve just completed the renovation, this past summer.  Not all of the stores have renovated.  I want to say their theme is some kind of farmhouse?

The new ad reminds me of a grocery style magazine rather then a grocery store sales ad.

The store and weekly sale ad refresh is nice but I wished they would have put the money towards updating their website/app. software so when we are looking for something that it would give us the correct aisle number AND the nearest stores that sell the product we want to buy.

Ralphs programmers assumes that we only shop at our nearest Ralphs close to our home but I used to shop at the Ralphs that was 5 minutes from my job or the Ralphs that’s in the same shopping center as my nail shop or the Ralphs near my friend, Linda’s house.   Consumers are on the move and the Ralphs app should reflect it.