I think in San Diego county, they are still working to vaccinate people in Phase 1A or age 65 and older and I am in Phase 1C (50-64 years of age).

However, if you are 64 years old and older and you are still trying to get vaccinated, you may want to go to the Ralphs/Kroger website because they have their own vaccine scheduling tools.

It is on the Kroger website but after you answer some basic questions and enter your state location, the website will ask if you are sick and your birthday and you’ll if you are eligible to get vaccinated based on your county’s requirements for eligibility.

As soon as I entered my birth date, the eligibility tool wouldn’t let me go no further.

Ralphs in San Diego county are issuing vaccinations.

Both of my younger brothers have been vaccinated so it depends upon your state and county as to whether or not you are eligible to be vaccinated so check the Kroger Scheduling Tool for eligibility.



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