Ralphs has the Carefree Breathe Liners or Pads on sale for $2.99 and there’s a $1 off Stayfree, Carefree, or Carefree Breathe digital coupon that you can Use up to 5 times in a single transaction. There is also a $2 off Carefree Breathe product digital coupon that I can confirm works in conjunction with the $1 off coupon.

Plus, it’s being reported that $2 off Carefree Breathe Liners or Carefree Breathe Pads (excludes 16 ct. liners) coupon scans flawlessly without any beeps.

Also, there is a $1 Carefree Breathe Pads 12-16 ct, or Liners 48-ct ,limit 5, Ibotta rebate offer which will make the Carefree Breathe a $1.01 Money Maker for each that you purchase!!!

While you are at Ralphs be sure to pick up the Evolution Fresh Juice for $0.38 to absorb the penny overage!!!


  • tammy July 24, 2020, 10:28

    SB has an offer to get 3500SB wyb Ollie dog food. I created a box for $15.75 which I will cancel right after I get it and I will get 3500SB making it a $20MM

  • Ms. B. July 24, 2020, 11:12

    How did you create a box for $15.75? Please, telll me step by step because I can’t figure it out. Thanks!

    • tammy July 24, 2020, 11:46

      I clicked on “save 50%” button at the top of the screen
      I registered for a 40lb dog who is 15 years old and inactive and proper weight is 35lbs. Then it calculated meals and I chose turkey and chicken. I also selected as I scrolled down only feed 25% along with other food.
      It then calculated $30 per week and with 50% discount which came to $15.75.
      Does that work for you?

      • Ms. B. July 24, 2020, 12:15

        Tammy, thank you so much! I think I went wrong is when I entered my “dog” info is the problem bc it kept calculating $22 or $23 and change each time, I changed the meal plan. I’m going to see if I change my dog information. I said to myself, “I want a $20 MM just like Tammy!” 🙂 Thanks, again.