For years, I was plagued with heartburn and stomach issues and I was always taking Nexium.  I think the last time I took Nexium was in 2018 when I got the FREE Nexium 24Hr 28 ct. After I took my early retirement, I had the time to research on how to live a healthier life. I kind of knew that probiotics was good for you but I didn’t know why but I did know that yogurts have probiotics in them.  Probiotics cleans out your digestive system so that your liver don’t have work as hard.

Anyways, Ralphs has the FAGE TruBlend Greek Yogurt 5.3oz on sale for $0.88 each and after the $0.55 IB rebate and $0.45 CB, you’ll be able to get the yogurt for FREE plus a slight Money Maker (limit 2)!!!


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