Ralphs/Kroger: FREE Nature’s Eats Trail Mix!!!

Ralphs normally sells the Nature’s Eats Trail Mix for $5.99  and there’s a $2.99 Nature’s Eats Trail Mix products Cash Back offer AND there’s a $2.99 Nature’s Eats Trail Mix products Ibotta rebate offer.

Make sure to activate the $0.10 any Brand Trail Mix Ibotta bonus to make the trail mix absolutely FREE!!!

Source midnight.saver on IG

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  • Nick September 27, 2020, 13:33

    These are in the PRODUCE section, not on the snack aisle and not with ackaged nuts near baking ingredients. There are a few varieties, I personally avoid M&Ms in my trail mix, just want the good stuff like nuts and fruit. But grab what you can.

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