Ralphs/Kroger has the Best Grocery App

One of the things I do when I go shopping is I add the items that I plan buy to that particular store’s list so I don’t forget what I am supposed to  be getting.

The Ralphs/Kroger app as you can see pictured above, it tells you the price of the item, a brief description of the items and the aisle number of where the item is located.  The list also gives you estimated total so that you can budget your shopping trip.  The 14 items goes from aisle 1 thru 14 to save you time.  You should notice that there is a coupon for the Kleenex items so you will save money, too.

The Vons/Albertsons app is trash.

The Vons/Albertsons app is only good for adding digital coupons to your card.  The digital coupons that you add to your card also adds the item to your list.  We have no clue what aisle the items are located on.

Vons/Albertsons should hire the Kroger programers to fix their webpage and app.