Ralphs/Kroger: Weekly Digital Deals + More

The Ralphs Weekly Digital Deals are shown in the picture above and below are some of the really good deals.

The Harvest Snaps for $0.97, Pure Protein Bars 6ct for $4.97 and the Del Monte Family Size Fruit Cups 12 ct are excellent, excellent deals just make sure to activate the coupons.

Medium Avocados $0.99

Stouffer’s or Lean Cuisine Entrée 5.25-12.875 oz 5/$10 or $2 ea

{MEGA SALE} Simple Truth Organic Kombucha 5.2 fl oz $1.99

{MEGA SALE} Atkins Endulge Treats 5-10 ct or Atkins Protein Shakes, 4-Pack, 11 fl oz or Atkins Snack Bars, 5 ct $5.49
$1.50 Atkins Indulge Treats, limit 2, CO51
$2 Atkins Meal or Snack Protein Bars Treats, limit 2, CO51
$2 Atkins Vanilla Caramel Pretzel and Chocolate Almond Butter Meal Bar, limit 2, CO51
$1.50 Atkins Meal or Snack Protein Bars, limit 2, Swagbucks
$1.50 Atkins Endulge Treats, limit 2, Swagbucks

Klondike No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream Bars $3.69 – $1 coupon$3 Klondike No Sugar Rebate (LIMIT 5) = FREE!!!


  • denise January 7, 2022, 09:18

    There is a limit of 5 per household. Can you buy 5 at once or do you have to buy them separately?

    • Cheryl Lew January 7, 2022, 09:23

      denise, I don’t have offer but what does it say in offer? It should say if it’s one submission per receipt or ?

      • denise January 7, 2022, 09:37

        The rebate says Limit up to 5 per household.

        • denise January 7, 2022, 10:01

          They say submission so I think you will have to buy 5 at one time. The minis Klondike product is included. When I look online I do not see these at any of the stores. Vons says they are out of stock.

          • denise January 7, 2022, 10:22

            Cheryl I think you should be able to get that rebate on your phone. I think it is available for everyone. There is also a printable coupon for $1 when you buy 2.

  • Cheryl January 7, 2022, 12:48

    I have rebooted my phone several times and no Klondike offer, maybe it will show up in the next few days. I do have the $1/2 Ralphs dq