Ralphs: New Cash Back Offers!!!

Ralphs has added a few new Cash Back offers for you to activate!!!!  Once you buy the activated product, there is no need to scan a receipt and you’ll be credited for your purchased in about 48 hours.

Make sure you read my post, Don’t Activate All the Cash Back Offers.

The Enlighten bars are sell for $5.59 each and there’s a BOGO $5.99 IB and  BOGO $5.99 RCB.

The Enlighten pints are on sale for $5.67 each and there’s a BOGO $5.99 IB and BOGO $5.99 RCB.

The Kleenex Wipes are on sale for $2 and there’s a $2 off 2 COTTONELLE, Viva and Kleenex digital coupon and there’s a $0.50 IB and $0.50 RCB.