Rate Contestants, Get Rewarded…

I am still waiting for My Coke Rewards FREE Coke coupon but who know how long that takes to get!

Anways, I got an email from My Coke Rewards about a Fanta contest where you can get 3 points for your account.

Here’s the scoop:

Want an easy way to earn points? Rate contestants in the Search for the 4th Fantana and pick up 3 Bonus Points! Just head to Fanta.com to meet the contenders and rate their entries.


  • Felicia July 23, 2010, 15:42

    I used to get coke reards coupons really quickly but the last one I requested… I requested it at the beginning of last month's SCRs (the one w/ the Diet Coke SCR) so I could use it and never received the coupon until just the other day! So I never got to use it. It took a ridiculously long time. I never found the Caffeine free Diet Coke anyways!

  • Ms Benjamins July 23, 2010, 22:14

    Felicia, I had search high and low for that darn Caffeine free Diet Coke but finally found it!

    I requested my Coke Rewards Q 2 weeks ago and I thought it would have been here by now.

  • Maria Lopez July 24, 2010, 01:05

    they take a loooooong time i always request mine as soon as i hit 30 pts πŸ™‚ I want to say about 3 months? They will email ones its been shipped and it takes about 2 more weeks after shipping.

    PS Just like the RA giftcards LOL

  • Ms Benjamins July 24, 2010, 03:15

    Maria, maybe it's the same company that sends out the RA gift cards that sends out the My Coke Rewards Coke Q! LOL