It really looks like Walgreens is about to change their RR (Register Rewards) policy next month…it’s all over the blogsphere. Little by little, depending on the store, Walgreens is instituting this one RR per transaction. Of course, Walgreens Corporate has not confirmed anything but the one RR per transaction is happening in some store across the nation. I read on a blog money that in July Walgreens would be introducing their own loyality card and would eventually transition into a program similar to CVS. I think that would be cool b/c you don’t get hasseled at CVS over their Extra Bucks (EBs) and coupons! CVS treat their EBs just like cash. The CVS cashiers do not even blink when you hand them EBs and coupons, they just scan everything and you back your change, receipt and any EBs that you have earned, it’s simple as that. I like it, it’s easy.

We will see in July or August, if Walgreens rolls out a loyality card.