The Rebate Apps are not a Bank

The rebate apps are not a bank or a credit union and you should be withdrawing your money at least once a month.  There are plenty of other rebate apps that have bit the dust and went out of business, such as, Shrink, Mobisave, Snap by Groupon, and Shopmium.


  • tina March 2, 2018, 20:04

    Guilty here. I think you just described my situation. And then loosing accumulated points/rewards due to inactivity on my side.
    Thank you for your wise words, as always!

    • Ms. B. March 3, 2018, 08:16

      Tina, the last day of each month, I request the funds. Ibotta especially, cash out every month because I’ve heard of them locking ppl out of their account and ppl having hundreds of dollars in their account. It sounds like a real mess to get it straightened out.