Oh boy, is it my lucky day or what. After my successful trip to CVS, I came home after work and opened my mail. There was an invitation from CVS to have a prescription filled and after the prescription is filled they will give me a $25 gift card to use in their store. They actually gave me the opportunity for two FREE $25 CVS gift cards. It’s going to be an absolute money maker for me! I have health insurance and prescription coverage sooooooo I also have a prescription to fill. Thank Goodness, I procrastinated and did not fill the prescription last week. So, I get the prescription filled at CVS, pay out-of-pocket $15 and then turnaround and get the FREE $25 CVS gift card and then turnaround and submit my $15 co-pay to my Health Savings Plan for reimbursement. So, the gift card is FREE, FREE, FREE!!!

I am all about saving money and building up the Benjamins!