My goodness, the difference a year makes because I remember that it was around summer time, last year, when Walmart started putting their high pilferable  beauty products in a specific aisle that was guarded by an employee and you had to buy the item in that aisle because they’d set up a register.

We started hearing and then seeing that Walmart had made locked display cages for the laundry detergent and each time, you wanted to buy the laundry detergent, you have to push the button and wait and wait and wait for someone to come and open the cage.

Then they started putting the over the counter medicines into cages, too.  It was the same thing that you had to push the button over and over and over again to get an employee to show up to open the cages.

What a hot mess.

In San Diego, they must have a lot of thieves because in Sacramento, they had no special cages for any products and the beauty products was just in a regular aisle without a dedicated employee to guard the beauty items.

Then the CoronaVirus came and Walmart needed employees to be stocking their empty shelves and hyper cleaning their stores.

They must have nothing but thieves at the Walmart on Shawline Road and Murphy Canyon because they still have the guard employee stationed for the beauty products and a lot of items are in cages.

However, the other Walmarts are loosening things up. I think the National City’s had the cages but it’s a busy store, they didn’t have time to have employees running around opening cages but keep in mind that National City do not have a grocery store and Walmart and Target is their only grocery store.

I think bigger or busier stores didn’t have the time for cages so they opened the cages to put the items out on the shelves, spray down the shopping carts and ensure that everyone was meeting social distancing.

I think that they CoronaVirus will be light this summer as the experts have predicted but as soon as we get into cooler weather, it will return with a vengeance.

While people are busy at the beach and getting hair cuts, continue to stockpile on essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, facial masks, cleaning supplies, top ramen, canned goods, etc.


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