REMINDER: Neutrogena MIR…

Okay, I am probably wearing you out with all the talk about the MIRs.  BUT this is just a reminder about the Neutrogena Clinical “Try Me FREE” MIR.

My recommendation is to do this at Rite Aid b/c of the Skin Care SCR.  If you have already submitted for the SCR, created another SCR account for your mother, brother, sister, cousin or friend and submit for another Skin Care SCR!!!  You can also do a variation on your name and send it to your parents address.  Only one per address.  This will make the Neutrogena MIR much more profitable.  This is what I plan to do. 

Rite Aid Senario:

Neutrogena Clinical $39.99 (10% disc $35.99, 20% disc $31.99)
$5 off $25
-$5 Clinical coupon
-$1 off $10 Beauty or Cosmetics

Pay: $28.99
Get $2.00 UP Rewards

Submit for the following:
Rite Aid Rebate #555 WYB $25 Skincare get 10.00 SCR
Rite Aid Rebate #655 $5 Bonus when you use your Wellness Card for Rebate #555

Submit for the $39.99 Neutrogena Rebate

Free and its a $28.00 Money Maker!

I have a second Wellness card that they sent me when the Wellness Program went nationwide…and it has no discount on it…and I’ll submit for a second Skin Care SCR and do a double-dip with the MIR and the SCR.

Also, if you do the Coppertone and the Nivea Lip Care will also qualify you towards the $25 Skin Care SCR gift card.  Also, Garnier Nutriste will be FREE next week which also qualifies for the Skin Care SCR.