Request your funds from the Rebate Apps

I highly recommend that you request your funds from the rebate apps ASAP.  If you are within $5 of the $20 requirement for withdrawal for Ibotta, run to Walmart or Target to quickly complete the requirement.

I think Savingstar was in trouble before the CoronaVirus hit so if you can withdraw your cash.

MyPoints and SwagBucks have different business models then ibotta, Savingstar and Checkout 51 and they maybe able to weather CoronaVirus storm.  I also think that Fetch Rewards and ShopKicks can survive because they offer different information to their clients then solely buy X get Y information like for example Savingstar.

Again, I’d be withdrawing my funds ASAP from Savingstar, Checkout 51 and Ibotta and really of them if you can.


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