$2.79 Oatsome Organic Oat Milk Barista 33.8 Ibotta rebate offer that is only valid at Walmart

This offer specifically excludes the Oatsome Oat Milk (thanks, Cheryl).

Use the $1 off Oatsome Oat Milk coupon as Brick Seek list the milk price at $2.92 in store.

Check Brick Seek by enter your zip code for the following items (also Brick says that they priced at $2.92 is store):

Oatsome Organic Oat Milk Barista 33.8 fl oz


  • Cheryl February 23, 2021, 09:47

    Roz- the offer is for Oatsome Organic Oat milk for Barista and Creamer varieties and excludes Oatsome Organic Chocolate Oat Drink and Oatsome Organic Oat Milk.

    • Ms. B. February 23, 2021, 10:26

      Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if they last Oatsome “freebie” offer also excluded the Oat Organic Oatmilk? Anyways, I will update the post!

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