Retail Me Not Coupon Preview 4/26

Below is the Retail Me Not Coupon Preview for next Sunday!

DND = Do Not Double, ETS = Excluding Trial Size, WYB = When you Buy.
Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected.

Aquafresh Toothpaste 4.6oz+.75/1(5/10)
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste 5.6oz+$1/1(5/10)
Centrum MultiGummies 50ct+$2/1(5/10)
Centrum or Centrum Silver Multivitamin 50ct+ OR Centrum Multi+Probiotics Multivitamin 30ct ETS$4/1(5/10)
Cosamin Joint Health ASU or DS$10/1(5/24)
Covergirl Eye Product ETS$3/1(5/23)
Covergirl Face Product ETS$3/1(5/23)
Covergirl Lip Product ETS$2/1(5/23)
Polident (Denture Cleanser Tabl) 84ct+$2/1(5/26)
Polident (Denture Cleanser Tabl) 120ct+$2.50/1(5/10)
SheaMoisture Products$5/2(5/10)
Super Poligrip 2oz or Larger$1.50/1(5/26)
Super Poligrip Cushion & Comfort 2.2oz or Larger$1.75/1(5/26)
Twix 9.7oz sharing Size Bag$1/1(5/26)

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