Right Guard Coupon Found…

I had just finish packing for trip tomorrow and I started to put away my goodies from my Walgreens lunchtime run. I have a big whole huge linen closet that keep my Walgreens stash in. I was straighening my linen closet when I decided to take the Right Guard Professional Strength out of the box. I opened the box and on the inside of the box lid was a $2 off coupon for my next purchase of Right Guard Professional Strength!!!!!!!!

This week, Walgreens is running a special on the Right Guard Professional Strength $5.99 get $5 RR (Register Rewards). So, if you walked into Walgreens with just the $2 coupon in hand, your out-of-pocket expense of purchasing the Right Guard Professional Strength deodorant would be $3.99 plus tax, Walgreens would then turn around and give you a Register Reward of $5 towards your next purchase at Walgreens. So, you end making $1.01 in profit.

If the cashier is not handing you the Register Rewards just ask for it. Sometimes, they just want to get you out the door and forget to give them to you, so do ask.

Pretty cool, huh? It’s all about saving money and building up the Benjamins.