Rite Aid logoOMG, a reader, Vera, let us know that this morning, she bought the Physicians Formula Fake Out Mascara withe TRY ME FREE peelies on them and she received the $10+Up…and tracking for the Rite Aid 50th Anniversary Promotion!!!

Man, do I wish I had of waited until today to do the Gillette Razors since they are part of the promotion.  However, the Hershey’s is part of the promotion but I am not sure if the Hershey’s Simple Pleasures will count but I am going to try it since the limit is 4.

1The Keri Lotion counts towards the 50th Anniversary promo!

Thanks, Vera!



  • Patti December 29, 2012, 19:04

    I stopped in RA today to use some Ups that I just realized were expiring tomorrow & I knew I wouldn’t make it in tomorrow. I got 4 Simple Pleasures. 2 Pronutrients (yes, I know the deal was better a couple of weeks ago for the rebate, but well, you know, life happens)…….& some Covergirl, ’cause I was $4.24 short on the P&G rebate……………can’t believe I miscalculated, but thankfully found before the 31st!!! I had enough in Ups & coupons to cover most of it, with little oop .

    Anywhoo…….I now have $51 towards the 50th anniversary promo……….so YEA!! My screw up may work out ok after all!!!

    • admin December 29, 2012, 20:05

      OMG, Patti, I am so happy for you!!!! You should have your $20+Up in no time. 🙂