A reader, Ange in New Jersey, let us know that there is a Rite Aid $5/$25 coupon in the Kidstuff Coupon Book!!!  Ange had an awesome Rite Aid trip in which she no discount and she paid $7.78 for 2 Norelco Razors and she got a $10+Up.  Way to go, Ange!!!!

I did a little internet search and the Kidstuff Coupon Books are sold in the following states:


If you live in any of the above states, you may want pick up the Kidstuff Coupon Book and it helps schools raise money, too!

Please, feel free to post your shopping trips anytime, I love reading about you all did at the stores! 🙂


  • Stacie December 9, 2012, 10:35

    How much is this booklet? I tried looking for it here in Ohio but they didn’t have any.

    • admin December 9, 2012, 11:47

      I don’t know how much the booklets are b/c they sell them here in San Diego. Try your Walgreens, I know my Walgreens sells those types of Coupon Booklets but I don’t know the price of them.

      • Ange_NJ December 9, 2012, 13:48

        $25…the kids sell it through their schools as fundraisers. Call your local middle schools and see if they participate!