Rite Aid 75% off Christmas Decor!!!

If you couldn’t find good Christmas at Target then head to your local Rite Aid where they have their Christmas Decor on clearance for 75% off!!!


  • DENISE December 31, 2019, 19:27

    It was nice to see on my receipt that it let me know I had 3 more days before my bonus cash expires. I had never seen that before. Have a great New Year! I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the hard work that you do.

  • Trish January 1, 2020, 10:48

    Lots of places (such as CVS) are still only giving 50% off, and it seems like they price their bags of candy at an exorbitant price of $4.99 or so, which is ridiculous. Half off isn’t very good. Rite Aid is extremely good about going to 75% off within a matter of days. I picked up some great candles for $2.50 (normally $10.00) and candy as well. Even some specialty hot choc!
    And yes to Denise – I saw the note on my receipt about Bonus Cash expiring, nice touch on Rite Aid’s part. And the cashier mentioned it as well!

    • tammy January 1, 2020, 14:52

      Target is 90% off today. It was a little shocking this morning as resellers had multiple baskets and were eyeing eachother as they raced through the store to scan whatever they could get their hands on.

      What I don’t like about RA is that you don’t know when the BC expires as to each BC. For example, today I knew I had BC expiring but I also knew I bought the nailpolish MM 2 days ago so not all of it was expiring but all the cashier could see was that it was expiring. RA was closed today so I couldn’t call and find out how much and when the BC was expiring so I used it all but I am now going to keep better records myself.

      • Trish January 2, 2020, 22:05

        Hi Tammy – I was just like you, always calling (or on-line chat) to find out exactly when different amounts of Bonus Cash were expiring. Then I got the app and that solved all my problems. It breaks it out by when you earned it, and if you click on the arrow, it will let you know how much of it you spent and when.

        • DENISE January 3, 2020, 06:44

          I had the app all along but never really looked at it! Thanks, that really helps keep track of the bonus cash.