Rite Aid Answers…

There has been tons and tons of questions about Rite Aid as of late. That have so many different loyalty programs pop up in the last six months that it has left many of us confused…including me!

If you have a problem with a +Up Rewards not printing or the cash register saying “All Ready Used” call Customer Service at 1-800-748-3243 and they will mail you the +Up Rewards in the mail.

A few days ago, Coupons, Deals and More posted some “answers” (how did I miss this post?) regarding Rite Aid. She has developed a relationship with a Rite Aid PR person and here’s what she posted after her discussion with him:

Questions have cropped up regarding the wellness+ and +Up rewards. Yesterday I had a call with Rite Aid and I asked what questions you wanted answered.

Regarding the new rainchecks that are issued by the register: Will Up+ rewards be printed if the item is purchased after the Up+ promo is over, or will just sale price be given?

When a product is out of stock the store has several options:
1) Substitute another product and either lower the price by the amount of the +Up reward, or give you a gift card in place of the +Up reward
2) Issue a rain check reduced by the amount of the +Up reward. So if the product is $3 and you get a $3 +Up reward, the rain check price is $0.00
3) The preferred method (not my word) of issuing a rain check for the +Up item at the sale price, and writing + $XX gift card. The gift card is to be issued in the amount of the +Up reward

With the addition of the +UP rewards, how much longer will SCR be around?

There are currently no plans or discussions to end the SCR.

The fact that multiple up+ rewards are generated-is there a glitch or thats the program itself?

The circular dictates how many alike +Up rewards will generate during one transaction. If the circular says “limit 1 per transaction”, you must do a separate order on more than one alike +Up reward. There is no limit on the number of different +Up reward offers that may be done during one transaction.

When are they going to update the coupon policy to reflect the rules of new +Up program? Many cashiers think that only one +Up reward can be used per transaction.

The +Up rewards are not considered coupons, so there is no current plan to update the Rite Aid coupon policy.

How many UP Rewards can be used in one transaction?

Unlimited +Up rewards, until your order is $0.00. BTW, the +UP rewards can be adjusted down, just like the ECB. If your order is $9.97 and you have a $10 +Up reward, the clerk can adjust it so the +Up reward is $9.97, and you have a $0.00 (plus any tax).

Are they going to put a limit on the up+ rewards?if so when?

The limit talks have begun, so it is not a matter of “if”, but “when”. No immediate timetable is in place.

How does the wellness points work? Is it actual money spent without coupons? Each time i go i try to work it out but i still haven’t figured it out

I thought (and Gita tracked it closely and concurred), that credits were given for your total after all Rite Aid coupons. We get credit for manufacturer coupons. The PR man disagreed, but he is going to get back to me.

Like Gita, to date, I have received credit for all my purchases after Rite Aid coupons. I have a feeling if you check online or your next day Rite Aid CRT, you will notice the same.

If an Up reward requires a purchase of say for example, 2 of an item, and you purchase 1 in one transaction, will an Up reward print after buying the second item in another transaction or do you have to buy both in the same transaction to receive the Up reward?

This came in after my conversation, so I will have to when I get responses to three other questions that went unanswered.

Some miscellaneous information:

The serialized (one time use) adperk coupons are here to stay. Poop. There is another serialized coupon coming out next week, but the conversation veered before confirming exactly what that was.

An open question was whether once ou used one serialized adperk coupon with our wellness+ card, if you could not use another alike but serialized, adperk coupon with that wellness+ card, or will it say “limit reached” or something like that?

BTW, the last discussion I had with PR I was told the +Up rewards were tied to a card. They are not (as you probably already noticed). That too is coming however, so enjoy it while you can.

Recapping some previously posted information:

• Limit imposed according to circular
• Rewards granted outside stated limits for multiple alike purchases are glitches
• You can do separate orders to get more +UP rewards, the alike limit is per transaction
• You can purchase multiple, different qualifying +UP purchases on the same order and receive them all as long as you do not exceed the stated circular alike limits
• Rewards are rolling (you can use them to pay for a +UP item and receive another +UP reward)


  • DMC in DC July 4, 2010, 06:00

    Anything on the recent +UP coupon problem that I and two others mentioned in a previous thread? Where the +Up coupon was scanned and we did not get credit for it, but when we tried to use it after that, it says it's already been used, when it was not.

  • Ms Benjamins July 4, 2010, 14:54

    If you have a problem with the +Up Rewards you are to call CS at 1-800-748-3243 and they will send you another +Up Rewards in the mail. I think it takes like 3 business days to receive.

    I'll add the 800 number to my post.

  • DMC in DC July 5, 2010, 02:57

    Thanks. Will call them on tomorrow or Tuesday and see if they can fix.

  • Ms Benjamins July 5, 2010, 04:20

    I think CS will be closed on Monday since it's a Federal holiday.