Last night, I saw the Rite Aid Black ad and it was nothing to write home about.  The Black Friday pictures are from The Black Friday and they did any excellent job of cleaning up the ad so that you can actually see what will be on sale.

There are mostly repeats 0f freebies nothing new. I assume the limit is 2 per deal.

🎄Rite Aid tape $1 get $1 BC

🎄Russell Stover holiday candy 2/$1 get $1 BC

🎄Nestle single serve candy bars 2/$1 get $1 BC

🎄Conair Colorvibes Hair Brush or Scunci Elastic Hair Ties 18ct $3 get $3 BC

🎄Magnavox earbuds $6 get $6 BC

🎄23andMe DNA KIT $19.99 get $20 BC

I had to go back and reminisce about the Rite Aid Black Friday ads of the past (look at 2014):

RA Black Friday 2018

RA Black Friday 2017

RA Black Friday 2016

RA Black Friday 2015

RA Black Friday 2014

I can legit go back through 2009 but there’s no pictures for 2009 or 2010 and you’d see all the iteration of store rewards that Rite Aid has had in the past.

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  • Trish November 1, 2019, 14:54

    Seems to me that this week, if you were able to do the ‘quintuple dip’ is quite better than the Black Friday ad. Sad…..
    I’m in Orange County (CA), there weren’t any Olay coupons in the Sunday paper, although the ad said ‘up to $8.00 in coupons’, and the Rite Aid ad didn’t mention receiving a $10 gift card if you spent $50. Still a very good offer, but not as good as it could be.