Rite Aid BonusCash Challenges!!!

Rite Aid has a new BonusCash Challenges which is valid thru 9/15/20.  Rite Aid has a very similar promotion like 6 months ago BUT this time, you’ll need to use my Referral Link and enter the code FGB24NUG if it doesn’t auto-populate.

If you sign up using my code, I’ll get Bonus Cash for up to 5 people and once you sign up, you will also get a referral link for friends and family.

How does it work?
Do I have to select 10 BonusCash Challenges?
Select on as many Challenges as you want! You just can’t select more than 10.
Why are my BonusCash Challenges different from someone else I know?
BonusCash Challenges are presented to each wellness+ member participant based on their prior purchase behavior with Rite Aid Pharmacy. This is done to provide each participant with Challenges that are relevant to them and their household. BonusCash Challenges on the products and brands you love.
Can I earn more than $40 BonusCash?
All wellness+ member participants, if they select the 10 Challenges with the highest BonusCash earning opportunity, will have the opportunity to earn at least $40 BonusCash. For some participants, this amount may be greater than $40 BonusCash. For those participants, yes, they could earn more than $40 BonusCash if they successfully complete all 10 Challenges.
Can I change my mind about a BonusCash Challenge I’ve already selected?
You can change your mind only until the Challenge is activated, meaning you have made a qualifying purchase against a Challenge. Once you have started to accumulate purchases on one of your Challenges, you can no longer de-select that Challenge.
What is a qualifying purchase?
A qualifying purchase is defined for each BonusCash Challenge by clicking on the “i DETAILS” button. Excluded Items are described within the Terms.
Do in-store and online purchases count towards my Challenges?
Yes, qualifying purchases made at any Rite Aid Pharmacy store nationwide, or online, count as long as you use your wellness+ card (or associated phone number) when making the purchase.
What should I do if I made what I believe to be a qualifying purchase, but I do not receive credit for this purchase?
Please email BonusCash Challenges Customer Care using the email form below.
How can I track the progress of my BonusCash Challenges?
Progress against each of your Challenges can only be tracked online. It will not be available on your receipt. If you were introduced to BonusCash Challenges via email invitation, or you opted into email communications after selecting your first BonusCash Challenge, you will receive a weekly BonusCash Challenges progress email with a link to view your progress. Any participant can also view their progress at any time by bookmarking your “My BonusCash Challenges” page or by accessing it athttps://www.riteaid.com/bonuscash.
Will there be a delay between the time I make a qualifying purchase and when my progress will be updated online?
Yes, due to system limitations, there may be up to a 48-hour delay.
When will my wellness+ BonusCash Rewards be available to redeem?
The last day to make a qualifying purchase for BonusCash Challenges is September 15, 2020. Any wellness+ BonusCash Rewards earned thru BonusCash Challenges will be added to your existing balance on September 20, 2020. At this time, they will be available to redeem in-store or online. As with all BonusCash Rewards, these will expire 30 days from the issuance date of September 20, 2020.
How does the Referral Challenge work?

This Referral Challenge will allow you to earn up to $5 in BonusCash by sponsoring your friends and family!

After clicking on “share my referral link”, a window will allow you to share the provided link on all kinds of social media or via email.

Once a person has used your referral link to successfully register in BonusCash Challenges, a clock icon will appear within your Challenge window. The clock icon will disappear as soon as the sponsorship is validated.

To validate a sponsorship, each person that uses your link to subscribe must spend at least $2 in their own Challenges. Once they have, you will see your Challenge progress.

The maximum amount of BonusCash that can be earned is $5 no matter how many people you sponsor.

What does it mean when a Challenge is Out of Stock?

Some of the BonusCash Challenges have a limited number of participants allowed.

When this is the case, a counter at the bottom of your Challenge will let you know how many participants can still enroll in that Challenge.

The “Challenge Out of Stock” message will appear once the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Can anyone participate in BonusCash Challenges?
Only wellness+ rewards members can participate in BonusCash Challenges. Rite Aid reserves the right to limit enrollment at any time during the campaign.


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