I still remember, one January, coming back to work from Christmas vacation and one of my coworkers had received the Almond Roca candy from both of her adult kids and she treated that candy with such delicacy, as if her kids didn’t show her much attention.  We teach our kids how we want to be treated, it’s okay to tell our loved ones what we want without guilt.

A reader, Denise, says the following:

At Rite Aid I found the Almond Roca in the can on an end cap. They are Christmas but do not look it. Great for Valentine at $1.87. On a fixture I found Glade spray for 49 cents. They had a pine scent and a cranberry scent. The Red candy is at regular price this week. I finally made it to silver so I got 10 percent off.

I, too, received Silver status from Rite Aid.

Thanks, Denise!