Rite Aid: FREE Yardley Bar Soap!!!

This week, Rite Aid has the Yardley bar soap regularly priced at $1.99 and it’s on BOGO FREE sale.  In addition, when you buy 2 Yardley soaps, it produces a $2 Bonus Cash (limit 2)!!!


Buy 2 Yardley bar soap 1 ct $3.96
Buy 2 Yardley bar soap 1 ct $0.00

Total = $3.96

Get Back (2) $2 Bonus Cash

Final Price: FREE!!!

Pic by michellesfrugalliving on IG


  • Trish February 28, 2018, 13:53

    Went to Rite Aid and got 2 2-packs of the Yardley soap and selected ‘yes’, to use my Plenti Points, which had a $25.00 balance. Well, the checker says I owe around a dollar, and it turns out the computer automatically applied $3.00 in Bonus Cash, labeled as a “coupon” on my receipt , and I owed the difference. I understand that Bonus Cash expires after 60 days compared to Plenti Points having a 24-month time-frame, but wouldn’t you think they’d have their computer automatically switch to Plenti Points once you used up your Bonus Cash balance all in the same order? At this rate, not certain how to be able to use the Plenti Points except to have a zero Bonus Cash balance! And the Yardley just gave me $4.00 in Bonus Cash! Argh!

    • Trish February 28, 2018, 13:56

      Correction: Did not purchase 2-2 packs, got four individual soaps (B1G1F) means I actually purchased two (not that I’d ever pay $1.99 for a bar of soap!)

    • Ms. B. February 28, 2018, 18:49

      Trish, Bonus Cash promotion is a hot mess and the programmer did a terrible job of updating the registers. Walgreens got it right, you can use a combination of the Register Rewards and the Balance Rewards at Rite Aid, the register only recognizes only one or the other of the Bonus Cash or Plenti Points. Uggghhhh…