OMG, I forgot to say in my trip to Rite Aid yesterday that I saw the cashier give a lady a catalina!!!!!!!!!

I have been seeing people talk about the catalinas that they have been receiving at their Rite Aids but there wasn’t a catalina machine within 4 miles of downtown San Diego…until the Hillcrest store got the machines.

I can’t wait to get me some catalinas!!!


  • Julie/Adventures May 22, 2012, 11:59

    we got a catalina about a month ago. I have only gotten 1 thing out of all my trips. I asked them about it and they said it spits out when it wants to!! Is that how it is suppose to work? At this point I am not sure they have the things turned on LOL

    • admin May 22, 2012, 16:44

      It’s kinda like at Walgreens when the machine spits out a catalina on a product specific coupon. You never know when the machine will spit something out.