Rite Aid is Working on the System…Again

Earlier, a reader let me know that she was having problems loading the Load2Card (L2C) eCoupons to her card.

I clicked on a link and Alex, the Informist, did not start talking immediately so I knew that there was a problem.

Then I tried to log into my L2C account and it took forever to come up.

I then tried to log onto my Adperk account and watch a $3 Nature Made Fish Oil video and the video will not play.

My assumption is…that the Rite Aid programmers are hard at work this weekend trying to fix the L2C eCoupons.

Theoretically, the eCoupons should only work on the products that are listed but as we, Couponers, know the manufacturer use a “family code” for the UPC numbers so it would be tough trying to program for a specific product without a glitch.

Even CVS, who has been at the Extra bucks/CRT for many, many years have not attempted to do this type of thing.

So, watch out for more changes with the L2C program!