Rite Aid May Have Fixed the eCoupons

I wanted to give you a heads up that Rite Aid may have fixed the glitch with the eCoupons.  It is being reported that when you try to load the $10 Nature Made eCoupon, it will not load and it goes straight into the “Redeemed” section in your Load2Card account.

I would hold off doing any eCoupons transactions.


  • Donna Mc. April 25, 2012, 17:32

    I’m so glad I did those on Sunday!

    • admin April 25, 2012, 19:08

      Yep, me too. I figured that Rite Aid would eventually get around to fixing the eCoupons. I now have enough points to request ANOTHER $7 Nature Made coupon from the Nature Made Wellness Rewards program!