Rite Aid Messed Up My Account

This year, I did not do allot of shopping at Rite Aid because of them going from the Plenti Points loyalty program to the Bonus Cash loyalty programs and the fact that the deals were pretty dismal.

At some point during the latter half of the summer, I decided to do some Rite Aid deals for their Wellness+ Allergy Rewards program which I believe also involved a Savingstar rebate.  I realized that their Allergy program was no longer tracking on my receipts and I didn’t get the Savingstar rebate.

After researching and phone calls, it turns out that my Rite Aid account was one of the few accounts that when they were changing my Plenti account number back to a Wellness account number, they screwed it up.

The account number that’s on my receipts is different from my account number on my Rite Aid account, therefore, it’s also different from the account on my Savingstar account AND the Rite Aid customer service cannot figure out how to fix it nor do they seem to know how to elevate the problem to their IT department to get it fixed.

To resolve this issue, myself, I will get a new Rite Aid card to start out 2019 on the right foot.  Although, I may wait since there maybe more announcement about the pending Albertson’s/Rite Aid merger.



  • tina December 28, 2018, 00:59

    Roz, good for you called them!
    My account also was messed to the point of no recovery. They merged my account with my mother’s. I lost the plenty points on my account. Now they send emails to my account with my mother’s name. When I try logging online, it keeps saying wrong username. I admit that I was “managing” my mother’s account and was afraid to call them and ask why they mistreated me but decided to let it go. If I was a better manager though I shouldn’t have passed 🙂

  • Ms. B. December 28, 2018, 07:37

    Tina, LOL, we are the same, we will put something off if we thinks it’s going to be bad news.

    I’ve been dealing with Rite Aid for years so I knew that it was best to call them. I called three times because I couldn’t understand why I could no longer see my Allergy Rewards tracking and I’d bought the expensive allergy eye drops and the allergy pills no tracking. I was very lucky that the very first rep knew exactly what the probable was but didn’t know how to get it fixed.