A reader, Tammy, went to Rite Aid and bought Olay body wash and Pantene hair and got a $15 Money Maker!!! Today (11/2), is the last day you can do this deal.  Using Tammy’s numbers below, you could buy (10) Olay body wash and still have a $13 Money Maker.

Below is what Tammy has to say:

This deal is a GO!
Yesterday I bought: 4 Olay bodywash bogo50 so $8.29x 2 ($16.58) plus $4.15×2 ($8.30)
9 Pantene shampoo/conditioner $4 each ($36)

Total $60.86+tax

I got:
$10GC on my receipt
$15 BC for the coupon (had to call CS because it didn’t post to my receipt but they couldn’t have been easier/nicer to deal with and loaded it to my card
$15 S*
$15 Visa GC from P&G (it only let me enter 12 items but went through anyways)

Thanks, Tammy!


  • tammy November 2, 2019, 12:26

    You could also buy 15 bottle of shampoo for $60 but I needed bodywash.
    And there may have been P&G coupons for the bodywash to lower OOP but I didn’t have any

    • Ms. B. November 2, 2019, 17:56

      I’m glad that this worked out for you since you got what you needed! 🙂

  • jessica November 2, 2019, 16:07

    Is that $15 coupon legit? It was not for your zip code, right? So how did you explain to RA CS where you got it?

    • Ms. B. November 2, 2019, 17:51

      From what I’ve read, Rite Aid CS gave everyone the credit that called in Calif. I know that for years that Southern California has had a special relationship with Rite Aid because they have used us as a beta test subjects. You just says I was sent a spend $40 get $15 coupon and the points don’t show on my receipt. CS closes at 6PM EST on Saturdays.

  • jessica November 2, 2019, 16:07

    Is today the last day for the deal?

    • Ms. B. November 2, 2019, 17:59

      It’s the last day for the $15/$40 but I think it’s coming back in a week or two.