Rite Aid: Plenti Points may be Going Away

It is being reported that Plenti Points at Rite Aid will be going away by December 31th and that Rite Aid will replace it with Wellness+ Bonus Cash points which will be loaded to your loyalty card.  Supposedly, you will have 90 days to spend your Plenti Points before they expire.

Of course, this is a  rumor, there is very few details and we won’t know for sure until there is an announcement from Rite Aid.  But according to the 12/30 – 1/6 Rite Aid ad, it mentions a new Wellness+ Bonus cash points.


  • Trish December 6, 2017, 11:57

    Hmmm – apparently people have been having trouble redeeming their PP through the various partners they’ve linked up with. So AT&T discontinued their association with the program effective 10/31/17, and Nationwide, Direct Energy, Enterprise, National, Alamo, Hulu & Local Dining will be discontinuing their partnership effective 12/31/17. That said, I couldn’t find anything else on-line regarding perhaps discontinuing PP in their entirety, which I hope they don’t . I earn & redeem them frequently at Rite Aid, especially getting in on all the great gift card deals.

  • tina December 6, 2017, 12:40

    I was just starting to like plenti…. argh!

    • Denise December 6, 2017, 18:10

      I looked in my account and it said something about plenti points could be expiring in December. It said mine would not be expiring. I am guessing maybe the Rite Aids that will turn into Walgreens will be affected.

      • Trish December 7, 2017, 14:00

        Yep – I saw that in my PP account too. The program started two years ago and we were told at that time that points expire in 24 months. So basically if you earned any points two years ago and never used them, they’d be expiring this 12/31. As long as you keep using them, it shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s so nice to be able to check your activity on the PP site.