1It looks Rite Aid is having another Monthy Deal on the Pentel Mechanical Pencil regularly priced at $4.99 (Silver $4.49 or Gold $3.99) is producing a $4+Up Rewards.  Last time the limit was 4.


  • DMC December 31, 2012, 12:02

    I am not sure if all the $4.99 ones are on the +UP deal, but I saw signs on the Pentel “Twist Erase Express” Mechanical Pencils .7 and .9 for $4.99. The signs I saw did not have a limit printed on them. The Gel pen +UP was posted again for this month with no limits on the sign as well.

    There were lots of monthly UP deals posted in the stationary isle, but that was the only one I caught that was free if you had Gold status.

  • admin December 31, 2012, 12:59

    Thanks DMC for the info! The stores I hit up today were really completely out of stock of the pens.