Rite Aid: Rohto Beauty Secret Eye Drops $8.99

Earlier, this year, I did a product review of the Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops and I use the Lumify anytime I meet friends for lunch, dinner or drinks. The drops absolutely takes any redness out of your eyes and takes down any wateriness of your eyes. As we get older, our eyes loose that sparkle because our tend to be a little watery and red.

The Lumify is good and it does work to get rid of eye redness but it’s pricey.

This month, Rite Aid is offering the Rohto Beauty Secret eye drops for $8.99 and it is being touted to fast-acting redness relief for vibrant, whiter eyes.

I have not tried the Rohto Beauty Secret but it is a great price in comparison to the Lumify. I will definitely be buying this beauty product sometime, this month, to do a comparison to the Lumify.

Don’t waste your money buying Visine because it’s trash.  My eye doctor long ago advised against using it because as he said “it like putting water in your eyes.”

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