Rite Aid Senario…

The Oral Care SCR, you should be able to knock this out really quickly.  I saw ths senario and I wanted to post it to give you some ideas.

Buy 1 Colgate Total $3
Buy 1 Remembrandt $5.49
Buy 2 Reach Toothbrush $7.98
Buy 2 Stayfree 2/$6
Total = $22.47

Use -$5/$20
Use -$1 Colgate (SS 7/11) or $1.50 Colgate (booklet at Vons/Safeway)
Use -$3 Adperk Rembrandt Printable (exp 7/24)
Use -$3 Rembrandt Printable or -$2 Rembrandt (RP 5/16)
Use -$3.99 BOGO Reach (RP 5/16)
Use -$1 Reach Printable or $1 Reach (RP 5/16)
Use- $1/$10 Oral Care Printable (expires 7/25)
Use -$3 BOGO Stayfree (RP 6/27)
Total =  Can be low as .98 cents depending on what coupons you may use

SCR Earned = $2.99 Reach and $5 Oral Care SCR Rite Aid gift card (do not request your card!)

Receive $6 +Up Rewards ($3 Colgate, $1 Reach $2 Stayfree)

$16.47 towards the $10 Oral Care SCR Rite Aid gift card

If you do not have the denomination of the coupons above just use your +Up Rewards to cover it.

Oral Care 2010 SCR #560

Oral Care 2010
Rebate #560
VALID ONLY ON PURCHASES FROM 07/25/10 to 09/25/10**
Oral Care

Purchase Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) of Any Variety for a $5.00 Rite Aid Gift Card OR
Purchase Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) of Any Variety for a $10.00 Rite Aid Gift Card:

• Oral Care Products

and receive back by mail a FREE Rite Aid Gift Card
Includes Floss, Breath Fresheners, Denture Care Products, Mouth Wash or Rinse, Toothbrushes, Dental Appliances, Toothpastes, Whitening Products or Toothache & Gum Medications.
Wellness+ Rewards Card must be used at time of purchase to qualify towards rebate.

Source:  Slick Deals/riteaid.com


  • rabbit July 23, 2010, 19:46

    Which Safeway/Vons coupon book has the $1.50 Colgate coupon? Thanks!

  • Ms Benjamins July 23, 2010, 22:15

    It's the current Vons/Safeway booklet that has $13 worth of Savings on it.