Rite Aid Simple Allegra Scenario

I saw a simple Rite Aid Allegra scenario by patel7ravi7 on Instagram.  His scenario is based on having Gold status (20% off) but if you have Silver status (10% off) then your prices will be 10% more or if you have no discount then your prices will be 20% higher.  I love how he laid out the scenario so I wanted to share with my readers!  Use whatever Bonus Cash you have to lower your out of pocket.  You can also watch Ravi’s Allegra Haul on YouTube.

Buy $30 get $10 BC (limit 4) Monthly Deal
Buy $75 get $20 Visa Gift Card (limit 3)
Buy $75 get $15 Savingstar rebate (limit 1)


Buy (2) Allegra 70 ct $39.99 reg or $31.99 Gold
Buy (1) Allegra 12hr 24 ct $15.99 reg or $12.79 Gold
Use (2) $10 off Allegra Allergy 24HR 60-ct gelcap or 70-ct tablets, limit 2, SS 05/17 (exp 5/23)
Use -$3 off Allegra Childrens or Allegra Allergy 12Hr Product, limit 2, SS 05/17
Totals: $76.77 – $23 = $53.77
Get Back: (2) $10 for Monthly Deal
Get $20 Visa Gift Card
Get $15 Savingstar
Total $55 Back
Final Price: FREE!!!


  • Jennifer May 19, 2020, 10:07

    That $10 printable coupon is a big beeper. The first time they manually entered the coupon which was great. The second time they just changed the price of the product which was a bummer because it changed the total amount I was spending towards Savingstar, etc. I’m just glad they put it through at all so I will take it. 🙂

    • Ms. B. May 19, 2020, 12:25

      If my memory serves me correctly, at Rite Aid, any coupon that $10 or higher needs a manager’s approval except for the digital coupon. I just used QSeer and the coupon is coded correctly. Both the printable and the insert coupon from the SS 05/17, is coded exactly the same with the same verbiage. The problem is Rite Aid’s registers and how they are programmed. Coupon Gangs used to the drugstores with their fake high dollar coupons and clean them out so now a manager must approve those types of coupons.