I know allot of people are frustrated with how companies are handling rebates these days but when I did the RA True Results rebate, I actually made a $15 profit and they paid my rebate quickly.

Anyways, the Rite Aid True Results Diabetes Meter is $9.99 or $7.99 Gold, $8.99 Silver and is producing a $5 +Up Rewards (monthly deal).  UPC# 0 11822 37144 5.

Look for the box that says Mail in Rebate inside (yellow sticker on front).

Buy 1 RA True2Go Diabetes Meter $9.99

Get back a $5 +Up Rewards

Submit for $9.99 Mail in Rebate

Final Cost:  FREE + $9.99 Money Maker!!!

Just as a final note, when I submitted my RA rebate, they paid over and above what I had submitted.  I submitted for $13.99 and they paid me $17.99 for the rebate.  It may not happen for this rebate but that’s what happened to me.